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My name is Ashley and I have been a huge fan of makeup/cosmetics since the first time my mom took me to Estée Lauder at age 13. I sat down and the lady showed me what foundation was and how you choose what color blends well with my type of skin. While my mom was trying to get me to pick a nude eyeshadow and light colors, I was trying to go home with the darkerst and brightest colors possible. I even remember getting aggravated with her for "treating me like a child" and not letting me choose the colors I liked. We ended up compromising. She let me pick out one eyeshadow color of my choice, a deep purple, with some foundation.

This website/blog is about the products I buy, why I like or dislike them, tips on how I do my makeup and feedback from fellow followers. I follow a number of makeup trend websites and twitter pages for reviews on all different types of cosmetics.

Feel free to give me feedback on products you like/dislike. I am always down to try something new :)





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